• FloraCraft® 8”, 10”, and 12” Fold-A-Sphere®
  • FloraCraft® Small and Large Desert DryFoM® Designer Spot®
  • (6) Branches Faux Weeping Willow Eucalyptus 
  • (3) Branches Faux Gingko Leaves  
  • (5) Stems Faux Trailing Ivy Foliage  
  • (5) Stems Faux Italian Ruscus 
  • Short LED Pillar Candle 
  • Metal Candle Holder Dish – Black 
  • Ribbon – Black 


  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Clear Adhesive Mounting Squares


  1. Use the wire cutters to clip a slit at the end of all four attachment ports. This will allow the wire from the open sphere to snap into the attachment port and secure it inside the sphere. Use the large Designer Spot® for the 12” Fold-A-Sphere® and the small Designer Spot® for the 10” Fold-A-Sphere®. 
  2. Insert branches of eucalyptus trailing out from opposite sides of each sphere. Cut the eucalyptus branches slightly shorter for the 10” sphere to keep it proportional. 
  3. Insert branches of ginkgo leaves among the eucalyptus popping up inside the sphere and some trailing down. 
  4. Insert stems of trailing ivy throughout the arrangement for added texture.
  5. Insert stems of Italian ruscus to fill in around the entire arrangement and conceal any exposure. 
  6. Secure the metal candle holder inside the 8” sphere with the clear mounting squares. 
  7. Wrap the trailing ivy spiraling down around the wires from the top of the 8” sphere. Help secure them in place with the clear mounting squares. 
  8. Use the clear mounting squares to secure the candle to the metal holder. 
  9. Cut various lengths of ribbon and tie them to the spheres to hang. 


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